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Maintenance of Animal Feed pellet Equipment and Control of Feeding Properties
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Animal feed pellet machine equipment maintenance:

The maintenance of animal feed pellet machines begins with regular inspection of mechanical parts. Attention must be paid to the inspection once a month. The inspection parts include worm gears, worm bolts, and bolts on the lubrication block. After that, it is necessary to check the bearing and other active parts. Whether it is flexible, there is no wear, and defects should be repaired in a timely manner. It cannot be used recklessly.

In order to get better maintenance of the animal feed pellet machine, the machine should be placed in a dry and clean room. It should not be used in the atmosphere containing acids and other places that are corrosive to the body. When the machine is used or it is When it is stopped, you should take out the rotating drum to clean and brush the remaining powder inside the bucket, and then install it to prepare for the next use.

When the roller of the animal feed pellet machine is shaken before and after the work, adjust the M10 screw of the front bearing to the appropriate position. If the gear shaft is shaken, be sure to adjust the M10 screw on the rear of the bearing frame to the proper position. Adjust the clearance to prevent the bearing from sounding. Hand-turning the pulley, suitable for elasticity, too tight or too loose can damage the machine. Possible. If the animal feed pellet machine equipment has been inactive for a long time, the whole body of the machine must be wiped and cleaned. The light surface of the parts should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth.

Animal feeding pellet machine equipment in the nature of the control:

In order to maximize the effectiveness of animal feed pellet machine equipment, we must pay attention to the need to strictly control the nature of the feed. For this control, we must first prohibit the entry of excellent materials.At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to enter the granulation room during production.

The control of animal feed pelletizer equipment on the nature of the feed, but also pay attention to control the size of the material composition, prohibit the entry of excessively large particle size, should be screened in advance; should also pay attention to control the moisture content of the material, after the water Many materials are subjected to solarization, drying, etc. to prevent the material from adhering to the interior walls of the granulation. This will also ensure the quality of animal feed pellet machine equipment.