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Main features of concentrated feed production line
- Sep 29, 2018 -

In the concentrated feed production line, the powder feed processing unit integrates the functions of crushing, stirring and lifting, and the operation is convenient, the output is high, and the labor is saved. It is an ideal choice for various feed factories and farms, and can be customized according to the area of the customer's factory. installation.


The concentrated feed production line has a wide range of applications and high production efficiency, and can be used for processing premixed feeds required for the production of various livestock and poultry and aquatic compound feeds. As for the processing capacity, there are a variety of models, and the production capacity can be customized according to customer requirements.


Main features of the concentrated feed production line:

1. The mixing uniformity is high, and the raw materials of different compositions are diluted and mixed by the small mixer, and then mixed into the double-shaft high-efficiency mixer to be mixed with the carrier, so that the components are dispersed and uniformly mixed;

2. Less cross-contamination, less residual amount, and guaranteed quality of finished products. In the production line, it is recommended to reduce the conveying equipment as much as possible, and the mixer has a self-cleaning function, which is cut into a full-opening door structure and completely discharged;

3. The workshop has less dust and has designed a special dust removal system. The dust removal effect is ideal.