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Judgment of material feed of animal feed processing machine and solution to serious plugging of die hole
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The quality of mechanical equipment is judged by the pellets produced by the animal feed processor:


When the surface of the pellets produced by the animal feed processing machine is relatively smooth, but the hardness is too high, the compression of the ring die may be relatively large, and the compression ratio of the ring die should be reduced; when the moisture content of the pellets is high, the production yield is low, and the jamming phenomenon often occurs. The time may be because the pressure reducing valve can not play the decompression effect or the hydrophobic valve can not play a hydrophobic role. It is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the pressure reducing valve so that the steam pressure entering the conditioner can be 0.1-0.4 MPa and make the water repellent. The valve can play a hydrophobic role.


It can also increase the tempering temperature of the animal feed processing machine accordingly. As the temperature increase is conducive to the increase of the material maturation, the general increase of the material temperature when the temperature rises by 11°C is 1%; the length of the pellets varies and the cutter should be adjusted. Distance or adjust the position of the deflection deflector; the tension of the belts of the two motors should be adjusted so that the degree of tension is as uniform as possible.


The solution to serious plugging of die hole in animal feed processing machine:


For customers who initially use animal feed processing machines, many times, they will directly cause particulate machine blockage due to too much raw water or due to improper operation. In this case, users will be very helpless and very anxious. In fact, they face this. This kind of phenomenon is well resolved. The more commonly used electric drill can be used to drill the packing (this time should pay attention to the proper operation, can not damage the mold hole).


Animal feed processing machine to prevent serious plugging of the mold hole, should pay attention to the whole grain of corn, oil, fine sand mixed feed observation observation of the situation; or after soaking with oil, first with the compound feed slowly press, observe the material Situation; using whole grain corn or fracking corn to slowly feed observation observations to ensure the smoothness of the processing time, this time can also effectively ensure the efficiency of the work time, to avoid accidents, and effectively extend the service life.