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Is the aqua feed pelletizer stuck because the die roll gap is not suitable?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

When producing compound feed, the safe and normal production of aqua feed pelletizers is crucial because the production of aqua feed pellets is completely accomplished by aqua feed pelletizers. However, in practical production, due to various reasons, it is easy to form a layer of thick and hard material “cooker” between the ring die and the pressure roller, and the pressure roller will not squeeze the material out of the die hole, making the pelletizer ring The die jams or slips, causing a common phenomenon of blocking the granulator.


Is the emergence of aqua feed pelletizers due to improper roll gaps?


The gap between the die rollers is too large, which results in over-thick and uneven distribution of the material layer between the die rollers of the aqua feed pelletizer, and the unevenness of the pressure roller is likely to cause slippage. Once the pressure of the die roller on the material is less than the resistance of the inner wall of the die hole to the material, the jamming machine will be generated if the material is not pushed out.


In order to reduce the blockage, it is necessary to pay attention to adjust the gap of the mold roller during the production. When the adjustment is performed, the pressure roller and the ring mold form a “likely to rely on, seem to turn non-rotary” state, and it is the best according to the observation that this The gap is generally 3-5mm. In the middle of this, the experience of the granulator and the feel of the adjustment are very important.


The emergence of aqua feed pelletizers is not just because the gap between the rollers is not suitable:


When aqua feed pelletizers achieve pellet feed production, the most ideal production conditions are: suitable moisture content of raw materials, excellent steam quality, and sufficient time for conditioning. Correct use of dry saturated steam granulation can effectively increase the pelletizer's output and pellet quality. In order to ensure good particle quality and high output, in addition to the normal operation of the transmission parts of the granulator, it is also necessary to ensure the quality of the dry saturated steam entering the conditioning machine of the granulator.


When aqua feed pelletizers are used, they should pay attention to the application of saturated steam in the granulation process to soften the lubrication, can increase the productivity of aquatic feed pelletizers, reduce frictional heat energy, extend the life of the ring mold; can be reduced Electricity consumption promotes the gelatinization of starch and the binding of fibrillar fibers. It can increase the molding rate of particles and reduce the amount of powder, making the material appearance smooth and tidy, thereby improving the competitiveness of products.