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Introduction of main performance characteristics of livestock feed pellet machine
- Sep 21, 2018 -

The livestock feed pellet machine is heated by high temperature during granulation, so that the eggs and harmful substances in the raw materials can be eliminated, so that it is easy to digest livestock and poultry, reduce the harm of various insects, and avoid poultry. Livestock have systemic diseases of digestion, which greatly improves the health and physical resistance of poultry and livestock.


Moreover, the pellet feed prepared by the livestock feed pellet machine is evenly rich in nutrients, so that poultry and livestock can absorb more nutrients, and ensure the balance of nutrition in all aspects and reduce diseases. The structure design of the whole machine is simple and reasonable, easy to use, adopts advanced technology, good particle quality and strong palatability, which helps the poultry and livestock to absorb better and avoid picky eaters.


In addition, for different feed processing requirements, the livestock feed pellet machine has a reasonable structural design, which is suitable for processing different types of feed without adding or adding an appropriate amount of water. The formed poultry and livestock feed pellets have a smooth appearance and are thoroughly cooked inside and can be directly eaten. . Moreover, the quality of livestock feed pellet machine is guaranteed, the material is excellent, the process is precise, the work is energy-saving, and the energy is high.