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How to use the pellet making machine
- Jan 30, 2019 -

The newly purchased pellet making machine needs to be run-in before it can be used normally.

When running in, you can take 3 to 10 pounds of mixed powdered feed, add 10% edible oil and mix thoroughly, and open the oil block by hand.

First add the feed, start the machine and adjust the pressure roller bolt with a wrench until the normal discharge.

The oily feed is repeatedly squeezed 3-5 times in the machine, and then gradually added dry material.

After the new pellet making machine has been run-in, there is no need to run it again later. After adding the dry material, if you hear the mechanical suffocation, you should loosen the pressure roller bolt a little and release it normally. If the oiled material is not pressed out, or the dry material is put on, the pellet machine does not discharge, and the steel nail is used to expose the feed in the mold plate (the steel nail is flattened), and then re-run.

If it is necessary to adjust the length of the feed, the length of the pellets can be adjusted by adjusting the cutter placed on the side of the pellet making machine discharge.

It should be noted that the processed pellets have a relatively high temperature and should be placed in a ventilated place.