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How to use automatic feed production line to ensure production efficiency?
- Apr 18, 2018 -

When using the automatic feed line, pay attention to changing the previous feeding method and evenly feed.

The uniform feeding can make the automatic feed production line appear smoother during granulation and maintain the high-speed operation of the production line. The user can purchase a feeder when purchasing the machine, which is not only very convenient, but also has the feature of saving manpower.

When using automatic feed production lines, care should be taken to select the proper template aperture to ensure production efficiency.

Some users of the automatic feed line production line diameter is too small, there is often a low output, or even the phenomenon of non-discharge, I hope to purchase the production line when asked carefully sales staff should be equipped with large aperture template.

When the automatic feed production line is used, the gap between the template and the pressure roller should be adjusted. Appropriate pressure can make the ripening degree and compactness of the particles reach a very good effect. The automatic feed production line has pressure adjusting screws, and balances and tightens the pressure screws on both sides.

When the automatic feed production line is used, care must be taken to keep the pelletizer equipment clean. When users use the automatic feed production line, they often do not pay attention to keeping the production line clean. This time also speeds up the production line's service life. Therefore, at this time, we must pay attention to keeping the production line equipment clean and improve the equipment's use efficiency.

When the automatic feed line is used, it should also be regularly filled with butter and lubricant. Regular cleaning of the template and filling with butter can increase the efficiency of the machine.

As mentioned above: When using a fully automatic feed production line, it is imperative that the production line is well maintained and maintained. This will also extend the useful life of the fully automated feed production line. We must be careful not to rely on late Troubleshooting, in fact, will also be very important to maintain and maintain, the actual use will also appear no trouble.