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How to save energy in every step of feed processing?
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Saving energy is an important point that every feed factory is concerned about. How to reduce energy consumption and increase output in daily production process?

A.  Saving energy in transmission systems:

Power of feed machinery is transmitted through bearings, reducer, transmission belt and other transmission devices. Therefore, we need to ensure normal operation and lubrication of transmission devices, so as to reduce loss of power in transmission process and achieve energy saving effect.

1, select the appropriate type of lubricants and use reasonable amount to ensure that the feed equipment has a good working environment and state.

2, make the belt keep the proper tensioning degree, replace the worn transmission belt, and use the belt gear matching with the drive belt.

3, avoid the vibration of the transmission equipment caused by the chain relaxation, and keep the chain in a proper tightness.

4, keep the driving device clean, no dirt and waste accumulation, so as to avoid local excessive heat collection.

5. When the equipment must work at more than one speed, the AC variable frequency transmission is used instead of the mechanical and adjustable belt drive.


B. Reducing energy consumption during crushing

1. Change the hammer and bag in time to improve the crushing efficiency.

2. Keep the negative pressure state of the air auxiliary system well in order to increase the output. The pulse bag should be cleaned after the pulse fan stopped.

3. Use the variable speed feeder to feed material evenly, and keep the load of the mill constant.

4. Mix easy-grinding raw materials with those are difficult to grinded so as to improve the efficiency of micro-grinding.

5. Add grading equipment after initial grinding and micro grinding to reduce the excessive crushing of the raw materials.

C. Saving energy by mixing and blending

1. Improve the operation skills and coordination ability of the control technicians. Once received a task, they should decide the type of feeding material, order and quantity according to the stock of raw materials and production capacity of single task to ensure continuous mixer work.

2. The variable frequency variable speed controller is used for the screw feeder to keep the load stable..

3. The design of the silo and scale bucket should be designed to ensure that the material is completely discharged by self flow without the use of vibration unloading or mechanical unloading.

4. Correctly set the ingredients and mixing period, rationally arrange artificial feeding and liquid addition operation to improve the efficiency of mixing operation.

D.  Saving energy in granulating.

1. When purchasing the ring mold of feed pellet machine and feed grinder screen, we should try to choose higher opening rate under the premise of ensuring the strength, so as to improve the production efficiency and reduce the consumption of electric energy.

2. Control the output reasonably, adjust the clearance of the die roll reasonably, and improve the granulating efficiency to prolong the life of the ring die and the roller.

3.  Adjust or replace the blade of conditioner, add stirring rod to the conditioner, improve the quality of the tempering, and improve the production efficiency.