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How to reduce the power consumption of the feed mixer
- Sep 15, 2018 -

In the production process of the feed mixer, a large amount of electric energy is inevitably consumed. In order to save costs and reduce power consumption, we must take some effective measures in light of the actual situation. First, during the operation of the feed mixer, the staff should minimize production preparation time and equipment idling, avoiding waste of labor, electricity, fuel, and time.


Secondly, in actual production, the work plan should be set reasonably in combination with the production plan and objectives. For example, it is possible to flexibly use the ladder price to organize production and reduce the cost of production electricity. Under normal circumstances, the electricity price during peak hours is generally about 3 times that of electricity. Generally speaking, the night is in the low electricity consumption period, so the production of pellets can be arranged as much as possible at night, and the plugging phenomenon of the night shift mixer is reduced.


Third, in the production process, the variety and frequency of materials should be minimized. If necessary, the finished product inventory should be appropriately increased to reduce the number of transfers. If the problem of the plugging can be effectively reduced, then the current of the feed mixer can be controlled to be 60%-70% or even lower of the rated current. In actual production, for different production requirements, suitable feed machinery should be selected for production and processing, which can also reduce power consumption to a certain extent.