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How to improve the production efficiency of sawdust pellet machine
- Jan 26, 2018 -

1. Choose the equipment suitable for their production capacity, such as the actual production of 1-2 tons, if the choice of 2-3 tons of machines is not overqualified, causing waste?

2. In the production process, the feed should be even, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, the granulation even do not block material.

3. Control the gap between the die and the pressure wheel, the material in the high-temperature curing after the pressure wheel pressing molding, so that the particle density is good, strong and beautiful.

4. According to their actual needs to choose the right mold aperture, if the small aperture will result in the production of low yield phenomenon, will seriously affect the production efficiency of sawdust particle machine.

5. Regular oil lubrication and cleaning. Mold and pressure wheel friction will make the mold damage, regular oil injection and cleaning not only can ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between the two, reduce costs, provide production efficiency.

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