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How to deal with blockage of fish feed pellet machine because of the quenching and tempering effect?
- May 05, 2018 -

To enable pelleted feed to meet the competitive demands in the market, it must be ensured that its quality is good. It is very important for the fish feed pellet machine to adjust the quality of the material before pelletizing. In simple terms, it is actually very direct and affects the production and pellet quality of the fish pellet machine, especially the water of special aquatic products. Stability is an important indicator.


If the feed pellet machine is not fully tempered and matured before granulation, the indicator of water stability will be difficult to guarantee. The so-called quenching and tempering is to pay attention to the pretreatment of the powdery material before granulation. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the process of fully stirring and absorbing the granulated powder and the appropriate amount of steam in the conditioner.


The quenching and tempering equipment that meets the technical requirements is selected so that the material can be fully stirred and mixed with the steam in the conditioner to achieve the effect of softening the material and gelatinizing the starch, which facilitates the compaction of the powder and forms a qualified product. Conditioner requires a long time of heat preservation, heating and humidification, and the number of layers can also be arbitrarily assembled and installed as required to ensure that the material fully satisfies the conditioning requirements, improves the surface and intrinsic quality of the particulate material, and enhances its in-water quality. Water resistance, more advanced at this stage is the use of modulator + shelf + modulator method, can achieve the best conditioning effect.


Through on-site commissioning, the number of blocking machines for fish feed pellet machine can be reduced, which can be solved by adjusting steam. Since the boiler equipment has been set, the steam provided has been determined. Attention should be paid to the treatment of water vapor in the steam pipeline. The condensate in the steam pipeline should be excluded as much as possible, and the steam pressure at the front end of the conditioner must be very stable.


After that, when the fish feed pellet machine is in use, the pellet machine must pay attention to various factors such as steam pressure and feeding amount of the tuner and the like at any time, so as to avoid the adjustment of moisture due to quenching, steam pressure, and water content. Too high. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of blocking machines in the fish feed pellet equipment caused by steam quality, the boiler room should provide high quality and stable dry saturated steam to ensure the processing quality of the equipment.