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Hardening treatment and adjustment cycle of hammer in feed hammer mill
- Jan 28, 2019 -

According to the operating mechanism of the feed hammer mill, the hammer is the most wearable part of the hammer mill. Therefore, improving the wear resistance of the hammer to prolong its service life has always been one of the key technical problems of the hammer grinding, so it is not only needed. Properly handle it and maintain it regularly.

The treatment of the hammer in the hammer grinding of the feed refers to the hardening treatment. In contrast, it is most desirable to use a hardening treatment for depositing tungsten carbide cement on the surface of the hammer. The surfacing process of tungsten carbide on the hammer has been semi-automated or even fully automated. Thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

The adjustment time of the hammer in the water drop type feed hammer mill is mainly determined by the material and the material of the raw materials to be processed. It is recommended to check the hammer and other parts regularly. After all, it is a consumable part. Each hammer piece can be rotated to use four corners. When each edge of the hammer piece wears close to or exceeds the center line of the hammer width direction, You should replace the other corner to work.