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Granulation principle and equipment characteristics of organic fertilizer pellet machine
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The organic fertilizer pellet machine has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance. Its granulation capacity is firstly pulverized in the pulverizer, mixed in the mixer, and conveyed to the top of the disc by a belt conveyor. Quantitatively added to the shallow pan, the raw materials in the shallow pan are bonded by the sprayed adhesive, wrapped into pellets, and gradually roll up as the disc rotates in the pan.


Due to the ability of the disc of the organic fertilizer pellet machine to automatically classify during rotation, large particles float on top and are continuously discharged from the lower side of the disc, and small particles continue to adhere to the newly added material in the disc. Roll over and grow until it is unloaded.


The organic fertilizer granule machine produces organic fertilizer compared with other equipment to save investment, and it has wide adaptability to raw materials, and the production formula is flexible, and is more suitable for the production of organic fertilizer.


Product quality in terms of nutrients, moisture, particle size, strength, water-soluble phosphorus and other indicators in line with national standards. The whole organic fertilizer granule machine is easy to operate, flexible in control and flexible in adjustment. It not only has low production cost, but also can create higher economic benefits. It has become an indispensable equipment in the industry.