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Granulation operation and balance requirements for water drop type feed hammer mill
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Under the condition that the number of hammers is constant, the drop-type feed hammer mill has a higher rotational speed of the rotor, so that the kinetic energy of the hammer is larger, and the number of times the hammer is hammered in a unit time is increased, and the crushing efficiency is higher. High, the finer the particles, but the higher the rotational speed, the higher the load on the motor, the vibration and noise of the machine, and the higher the strength of the machine parts and the balance of the rotor.


Granulation operation of water drop type feed hammer mill


1. The water-drop type feed hammer mill should check the machine for any debris and tools before starting the machine. If necessary, open the valve to check whether the parts and the discharge screen are damaged.

2. Each lubricating part of the drop feed hammer mill should be filled with suitable lubricating oil.

3. The tightening parts of the drop feed hammer mill should be tightened.

4. After the water-spray feed hammer mill is turned on, it runs for 2 minutes, observes the machine, and if it is running normally, it can feed and granulate.

5. The speed at which the feed roller bites into the rubber must be synchronized with the feed speed. If it is found that the feed roller has a broken piece or a film, it should be stopped immediately to adjust the roll distance of the feed roller.