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Functional features of the fully automatic feed production line
- Oct 06, 2018 -

The automatic feed production line can realize automatic batching, quantitative packaging and continuous production, which is not only easy to operate, but also has less maintenance work. In the whole production process, the production line has the functions of automatic batching, raw material crushing, material mixing, finished product storage, finished product packaging, etc. The overall layout structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient. Compared with the large feed production line, the equipment investment can be greatly reduced.


The feed product made by the automatic feed production line is not only nutritious, uniform in content, but also has high production efficiency, small floor space, labor saving, less dust flying and good sealing performance. Widely used in feed professional processing households, large and medium-sized farms and various forms of feed manufacturers.


In actual production, users of automatic feed production line can choose to produce different feeds according to their needs, which can be operated continuously, with large output, reasonable process and compact structure. The amount of machining per hour varies depending on the model of the machine, and the type of motor used is different. It can be purchased according to the scale of farming.