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Fully lubricated and wear resistant of wood pellet machine
- Sep 04, 2018 -

In the process of making wood chip machine, it is mainly driven by its high-precision involute cylindrical helical gear, and the transmission efficiency is up to 98%. The gear tooth of the wood pellet machine is subjected to normal heat treatment after water forging, so that the hardness of the tooth surface can be effectively improved; the tooth surface is carburized, and the carburized layer is up to 2.4 mm to enhance the wear resistance and extend the parts. The service life of the hard tooth surface is treated by the silent fine grinding process to make the operation quieter and more stable.

The joint hollow shaft and main shaft of the wood pellet machine are made of water-forged, rough, heat-treated, refined and fine-grinded by the imported alloy structural steel during the production. The structure is reasonable and the hardness is evenly improved during the operation. The fatigue and wear resistance of the components provide a more reliable guarantee for safe operation.

The main cabinet of the wood pellet machine is made of high-quality steel, and its thickness is uniform and compact. It is carefully processed by the CNC machining center imported from Switzerland, and the machining accuracy is zero. Provide more support for normal operation. The entire equipment is specially equipped with a lubrication and oil return system, the oil circuit is circulated and cooled, and the oil is automatically timed. Ensure that the bearings are fully lubricated for safer and more reliable operation.