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Factors to improve feed quality
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1. Feed not only maintains the normal physiological function of livestock and poultry, but also increases the individual yield and improves the quality of livestock products. High quality feed can improve the disease resistance of livestock and poultry, reduce the dosage of drugs and improve the quality of livestock products under the condition of reasonable feeding. Therefore, for the units and individuals that produce, sell and use feed, it is necessary to publicize the effect of feed on the quality and safety of livestock products and to raise the awareness of feed safety.

2. Feed production enterprises should have more information and selectivity on the source, safety and quality of feed raw materials. For some unqualified raw materials, corresponding treatment measures should be taken to ensure the quality of feed raw materials. Do not add minerals, trace elements and vitamins that exceed the nutritional standards; do not abuse some rare elements and heavy metal elements; strictly prohibit the random addition of antibiotics and prohibited items. No veterinary drug species other than the appendix to the Specifications for the Use of Feed Drug Additives shall be added to the commodity feed; veterinary raw material drugs shall not be directly added to the feed for use, and must be made into premix before being added to the feed. Only the product with the approval number of "Veterinary Drug Addition" can be added to the feed as a drug feed additive. The label of the product must indicate the name, content, scope of application, suspension period and matters needing attention.

3. Strengthen the technical training of relevant personnel in feed production enterprises and using enterprises, improve their professional quality, so that they can produce feed scientifically and normatively and use feed rationally. All kinds of nutrients in the feed have an appropriate standard for the animal body, that is, a reasonable amount of use, can not be reduced or increased at will. Such as protein or vitamins, if long-term overfeeding of livestock and poultry will cause poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to mix all kinds of nutrients scientifically in feed production, so that they can meet the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry, but not cause all kinds of nutrients to exceed the standard. In the breeding process, we should use the feed rationally, so as to avoid waste of feed.

4. In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives and relevant laws and regulations, we should strengthen the supervision and management of the feed industry, speed up the construction of the feed standardization system and the feed monitoring system, and further intensify the crackdown on illegal drugs added to the feed. Feed production enterprises and scientific research institutions are encouraged to study and produce new types of feed without pollution, residue or antibiotics. In order to rectify the feed industry, we must set our goals higher and reach the standard of "green barriers". With high-quality feed, there will be safe and hygienic animal products, the development of animal husbandry in China will have a new leap.http://www.bio-pelletmill.com/