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Difference between feed granulator equipment and traditional rotary granulator
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Compared to conventional rotary granulators, the granulation system of feed granulators is still very unique. It includes hoppers, cooling systems, hoppers, granulators, sieve racks, and discharge trays. The entire grain system, transmission system, electrical system and other components; its mechanical transmission components are placed inside, and the professional transmission system makes the machine run smoothly and the noise during operation is lower.


In addition, the feed granulator is also equipped with a water cooling system in the hopper, which effectively reduces the temperature generated by the rotating friction of the material before granulation in the hopper. This improvement will increase machine stability, increase the productivity of the plastic granulator, add a smooth cut, and in particular, improve the positioning and solve the aesthetics of small-pore granulation.


The difference between the granulation system of the feed granulator equipment and the conventional rotary granulator is also reflected in that the speed of the feeder can be independently adjusted or stopped when the granulator is working, and the applicability is more extensive. And control the discharge speed and the whole speed to make more suitable particles.


Feed granulator with water cooling and air cooling device, air sealing device, etc., can double protect the equipment, more reasonable structure to ensure that even if there are materials through the middle of the rotating shaft will not enter the reducer inside damage to the reducer. In addition, it uses a split-type screen, a set of two nets, dismantling and replacement of the screen is more convenient and quick, greatly reducing production costs, reducing labor intensity and increase production efficiency.


After testing, it has been confirmed that the conditioning time of the feed granulator can be increased to 35 seconds, which greatly improves the maturation of the feed; and in order to extend the service life of the user's cabinet, the existing plastic granulator case is made of diesel engine block material. Significantly extended service life.


These are the differences between the granulation system of the feed granulator equipment and the rotary granulator of the drive, which fully validates the superiority of the feed granulator and the high quality of the products it produces.