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Detailed installation instructions and molding rate guarantee for chicken feed pellet machine
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Detailed installation instructions for chicken feed pellet machine:


Before installing the chicken feed pellet mill, the internal support surface of the granulator must be carefully cleaned and coated with a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide paste; for the ring mold after installation, the width of the ring mold must be checked. The wear condition is reversed when necessary; the pin shaft is mounted on the ring mold base, and then the pin hole of the ring mold should also be aligned with the pin shaft to knock the ring mold with a hammer (when using the steel hammer, There must be a spacer between the hammer and the ring mould).


When installing the chicken feed pellet machine equipment, pay attention to installing high-strength bolts and washers, and gradually tighten the screws. The high-strength bolts must be tightened to the specified torque with a torque of 40 kgfm.


Chicken feed pellet mill guarantee in molding rate:


The higher the molding rate of the chicken feed pellet machine equipment, the higher the qualification rate and the more profit it can create. For the guarantee of the molding rate of chicken feed pelletizers, the first thing to note is the use of soft raw materials to make pellets. Many softer raw materials are easier to press together and can effectively increase the molding rate.


When the chicken feed pellets are pressed, the best raw material moisture is between 15% and 20%. When the moisture content is too high, the pressed granules are loose, and they are prone to disintegration during packaging and transportation. If the water content is too low, the particles will be difficult to be pressed, the pellet forming rate will be low, and the powdery material will be too much.


It is precisely because of this that when the chicken feed pelletizer is in use, we would suggest that everyone must use the drying method or the drying method to reduce the moisture content of the material. After that, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of adding moisture. The moisture of the material. In the molding process of the chicken feed pellet machine, the increase of the pellet forming rate can save a large amount of raw materials, reduce the production cost, and increase the user's profit. At the same time, in the operation must strictly follow the operating procedures to reduce errors and ensure quality.