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Characteristics of Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine and precautions for driving
- Jul 17, 2018 -

The Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine system is equipped with a special overload protection configuration, so that the equipment can be kept unobstructed and low noise during operation, making it safer and more reliable. Moreover, the Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine adopts a large-diameter conditioner to make the material more mature, the particles are smoother, the hardness is more moderate, the molding rate is 98%, and the wear rate of the equipment is minimized.


At the same time, according to different material processing requirements, the Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine can control the feeding amount accurately through the speed regulating feeding system to meet the production needs of different particle diameters. It should be noted that more attention needs to be paid during the driving process. For unfamiliar operators, firstly, the out-of-machine discharge handle must be pulled out so that the material at the beginning does not enter the press chamber and falls outside the machine, and then the steam content is appropriate when the hand is sensed, and then pushed outside the machine. Discharge handle for normal pressing.


After Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine gradually reaches the normal running state, it is necessary to open the observation door of the stock chute at any time to observe, the quality of the material quenching and tempering, and the unloading condition, such as the material is too dry or too wet and the host current suddenly rises and overloads. When running, pull the open discharge handle to carry out the discharge outside the machine.