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Characteristics of each unit in the automatic feed production line
- Jan 18, 2019 -

The automatic feed production line is a complete set of equipment for the production of powdered feed. It is composed of crusher, mixer, lifting equipment, dust removal equipment, cleaning equipment, etc. It can be customized according to user needs. The automatic feed production line is based on the customer's needs to add automatic batching and quantitative packaging to the semi-automatic production line, so that it can save more labor and greatly increase production during production.

In the process of using the automatic feed production line, the ground batching machine can quickly accurately measure the mass of materials, avoiding the troubles of products that do not meet the standard due to the imbalance of material proportion in the production process. The crushing machine generally adopts a hammer type pulverizer, which can quickly carry out material pulverization, and the product model can be equipped according to the production requirements.

The pulse dust collector uses excessive dust on special cloth, which has good dust filter effect and purifies the working environment of the workers; the combination of fan, cloth cylinder and transitional device can shorten the wind network, simplify the process flow and reduce the investment of wind power equipment. The mixer generally adopts a single-shaft double ribbon mixer and a dual-axis blade mixer; in addition, it adopts an electronic control analog screen centralized control, and an interlocking system and a motor overload protection device are provided between the devices.

The finished product packaging of the automatic feed production line adopts the open quantitative packaging system. The main machine adopts the computerized measuring device. It has accurate weighing, stable performance, simple operation and equipped with dust removal pipes. It truly realizes environmentally friendly production, and the whole equipment meets environmental protection requirements.