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Cattle feed pellet machine mold maintenance and its own storage
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The maintenance of cattle feed pellet machine includes all aspects, and its mold is also a non-negligible point. In order to improve the service life of cattle feed pellet machine mold, it must be fully ground before use. General grinding method is to put sawdust and fine river sand mixing materials into the starting machine, and adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the template to 0.1-0.4 mm before feeding, so that the rotation of the pressure roller and the template can be extruded Granules. After repeated extrusion for 30-50 minutes, the input material is normally produced.


Cattle feed pellet machine mold under normal production conditions, as far as possible two weeks with petrol or diesel oil once, the original pellet fuel extrusion, while injecting lubricating oil. During its work, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not the raw materials are mixed with hard materials such as stones or iron scraps to avoid damage to the pelletizer mold during operation.


At the same time, the cattle feed pellet machine should be regularly overhauled, and loose screws should be tightened in time; especially in cold winter weather, the equipment stability is relatively low, so the warm-up time is longer, wait until the mold temperature reaches the requirements and then put in jobs. There is also the storage of cattle feed pelletizers. Not only do the molds have to be stored in a dry, clean place, but also pelletizers themselves.


Everyone knows that cattle feed pelletizers will affect their performance when they encounter a certain level of humidity. The air already contains water. Especially during the rainy season, the humidity of the air is even greater, which is more detrimental to the storage of equipment. Therefore, we When purchasing, try to choose a cattle feed granulator made of moisture resistant material.


In addition, it is necessary to properly store the feed produced by the cattle feed pellet machine. The feed pellets are flammable products and no open fire can occur. Therefore, the pellets must not be randomly stacked around the boiler, and there must be someone responsible for it. From time to time, check if there are any safety hazards.


In summary, only the proper use and reasonable and effective maintenance and maintenance of cattle feed pellet machine mold and its own, can extend its life, in order to be able to give full play to the performance of the pellet machine and its mold, thereby reducing costs, improve the efficiency of granulation and The quality of granulation creates more economic benefits for the company.