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Automatic fish feed production line process
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The automatic fish feed production line gives the fish feed products a novel shape, unique taste and color, while adapting to the evolving market with the most scientific nutritional ratio and easy digestion. Not only that, the technical advantages of the automatic fish feed production line are very obvious, not only easy to operate, easy to learn, but also ensure accurate product temperature, pressure, humidity and time with precise parameter control.


For the user, the automatic fish feed production line itself has a reasonable structural design, the equipment is made of special materials, and the fast self-cleaning performance ensures the stability of the machine and is easy to maintain. The process flow of the fish feed production line can be summarized as: raw material crushing → raw material (corn flour, soybean meal, starch, fish meal, etc.) preparation → mixing machine → conveyor → twin screw feed extruder → conveying → drying equipment (electric oven, Gas fuel oven or steam oven) → injection → double tube seasoning system → cooling conveyor → screening → silo → packaging machine.


Moreover, the automatic fish feed production line can process different types of fish feed pellets for a wide range of applications.