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Aquatic feed pellet machine debugging process
- Apr 16, 2018 -

To debug the aqua feed pellet machine, we must first understand the process flow of the pellet feed production line and understand the function of each specific equipment in the process flow; Before commissioning the aqua feed pellet mill, it is necessary to check the operation of the specific equipment one by one, and to understand the comminution granulometry of the mill that matches the granulation machine mould hole used. The grain size of raw materials should be fine, but it should not be too fine. The best case is moderate.


Before the aqua feed pellet machine is commissioned, it is necessary to pay attention to washing the warehouse first, and remove debris such as stones and welding slag left during installation. Before commissioning, it is necessary to check whether the used steam pipe system has good decompression and hydrophobic functions. To ensure the dry and saturated conditioning steam required for granulation, and to ensure that there is always 0.058-0.4MPA of steam after the pressure reducing valve.


Before starting the aqua feed pellet machine, it is necessary to pay attention to adjust the distance between the press roller and the ring die. Generally, when the rotary ring die is pressed, the press roller will turn around (that is, the distance between the press roller and the ring die is 0.1~0.4mm).Do not make the distance between the ring die and the press roller too small, resulting in direct friction. This will not only accelerate the wear of the ring die and the press roller, but also reduce the unit production during production.


When starting up aqua feed pellet mill equipment, the amount of feed should not be maximized instantaneously. It is necessary to add a little material while adding a little steam for about 5-10 minutes to make the feed amount reach the ideal value ( normal production The motor current value is 85 to 95% of the rated current value.


Aquatic feed pellet machine equipment debugging, that is, for the prevention of adverse phenomena, when the particles have axial cracks or radial cracks, and the high rate of powdering, the yield is low, leading to the phenomenon of the reasons for the adjustable temperature If not, the material maturation degree is poor. At this time, attention should be paid to increasing the tempering temperature and increasing the amount of steam during tempering; it may also be that the knife is located farther and bluntly, causing the particles to be bumped or torn rather than cut off.