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Aqua feed pellet mill use efficiency and reliability
- Oct 19, 2018 -

The aqua feed pellet mill adopts high-efficiency first-class gear transmission, which can ensure the maximum transfer of energy. The whole equipment mainly adopts its all-stainless stainless steel feeder, variable pitch anti-cagging mechanism, and adopts imported variable frequency speed control. Large stainless steel conditioner, using axial steam, greatly improve the time and effect of quenching and aging.


The high-precision transmission gear and gear shaft of the aquatic feed granulator adopts its carburizing and quenching, hard tooth surface grinding processing, stable transmission, low noise and long service life. The high precision of the gear box material and transmission hole comes from professional. Foundry casting technology and CNC machining equipment guarantee.


The main drive system bearing of the aquatic feed granulator has high oil quality and is specially equipped with a lubrication and oil return system, so as to ensure the reliability of the bearing lubrication. The ring die and the transmission wheel are connected by three quick release type. Precision casting hoop, ring mold removal is convenient and fast.


The door and the chute of the aquatic feed granulator are made of all stainless steel, so that the anti-corrosion ability is strong, so that the life can be long. The motor and the pinion adopt a new serpentine spring coupling, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, reliable in transmission and high in efficiency. http://www.bio-pelletmill.com/