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Application, performance characteristics and bearing lubrication of chicken feed pellet machine equipment
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The chicken feed pellet machine equipment is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pellets after mixing the pellets of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass and the like according to a certain proportion of the ingredients.


The use of chicken feed pellet machine equipment:


Chicken feed pellet machine equipment is relatively widely applicable to large, medium and small feed processing plants; large, medium and small livestock farms, poultry livestock farms; large and medium farmers and individual farmers feed use. And can process grass, straw particles and inorganic fertilizer particles. Crude fiber granulation such as wood chips, rice hulls, cotton stalks, cottonseeds, weeds and other crop straws, domestic wastes, and factory wastes, granulation of materials with low adhesion and difficult to form.


Chicken feed pellet machine equipment performance characteristics:


Chicken feed pellet machine equipment structure is simple, wide applicability, small footprint, low noise; equipment, a variety of output models, more than 20 kinds of aperture mold, to adapt to different materials granulation, to achieve the best results; adapt to different materials , ensure the suppression effect. Compression molding of sawdust, corn stalks, etc. requires a lot of pressure. In the same granulation equipment, the roller parts are the central part of the whole equipment, and high-quality alloy steel is used to improve the service life of the roller.


Feeding of bearings on chicken pellet feed equipment:


For every 4 hours of continuous operation of chicken pellet mill equipment, at least one press roller on the equipment should be lubricated. Later on the use of the equipment, it is recommended to give a small amount of lubrication every one hour of operation (butter at the end of each process - to prevent the material into the inside. The butter in the roller will shrink when cooled, and finally pull the material into the bearing) .


The use of bearing on the chicken feed pellet machine equipment, to do a lubrication of the spindle bearing once every 8 hours; when the equipment is working to 2000 hours, or every 6 months to change the gearbox oil; every week on time Check the oil level of the feeder's transmission and add a little oil to the roller chain drive. Monthly, strengthen the conditioner for the feeding chicken pellet mill equipment and the bearing on the feeder shaft once.