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Application characteristics and structure of animal feed grinder
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Animal feed refers to food used for raising animals. Animal feed includes more than ten varieties of feed ingredients such as soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acids, miscellaneous grains, additives, oils, grains, and sweet sorghum. The animal feed mill is used for the processing and grinding of various feed raw materials, featuring high speed and flexible adjustment.

As the animal feed grinder operates, a wider inlet gap is formed between the conical rotor and the stator, and a narrower outlet gap. During operation, the dispersing head is eccentrically operated to cause eddy currents in the solution, thereby achieving even more good grinding and dispersion effect. The stator is made into a circular cone shape with a fine-grained three-stage serrated protrusion and groove. The stator can be adjusted without limitation to the required distance from the rotor.

In terms of structural design, animal feed grinder can accommodate materials of different viscosities as well as particle size requirements. The difference between the design of the on-line stator and rotor and the batch head of the batch machine is mainly due to the requirements for the transportability, between coarse precision, medium precision, fine precision and other work head types. The difference is not only the arrangement of the specified rotor teeth, but also a very important difference is that the geometric characteristics of the different work heads are different.