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Animal feed production line components and their respective processes
- Aug 06, 2018 -

The whole process of animal feed production line is divided into five major processes: crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, seasoning and packaging. The pulverizing system of the animal feed production line is responsible for the selection of raw materials, and each raw material is selected in a separate cleaning system and selection system, and the fineness required for pulverization to puffing is separately performed.


The mixing system of the animal feed production line will be selected and pulverized after each raw material is separately selected, mixed into a mixer, stirred uniformly, and the moisture content and humidity required for the expansion are adjusted. The puffing molding adopts boiler heating to pre-mature the powdery material in the biaxial conditioner, and uses the twin-screw extrusion molding to puff, the feed pellets are formed well, the surface is smooth and fine, and the puffing is uniform.


The drying part of the animal feed production line utilizes a multi-layer mesh belt type puffing granule special continuous drying box, and uses the hot air circulation to increase the drying effect. The drying box can be divided into electric heating, fuel gas heating, steam boiler heating, etc. according to different heat sources, and the equipment can be configured according to the actual requirements of the customer. After the final drying, the surface of the particles is subjected to preliminary cooling and cooling using a cooling system.


The automatic seasoning system of the animal feed production line is integrated with oil spray and spray. After drying the feed pellets in the drying box, the grease is sprayed on the surface of the particles. After the oil is sprayed, the next process is an automatic shotcreting system; It is automatic weighing packaging.