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Alfalfa feed pellet machine lamination and pressure roller adjustment and equipment maintenance
- May 30, 2018 -

For alfalfa feed pellet mills, the mold roll gap is one of the important factors affecting the granulation effect. Usually, the gap is increased, the material layer is thickened, the squeezing workload is increased, and the power consumption is also increased, resulting in a squeezing area. The reduction of the press-in force of the material causes the pressure roller to slip, thereby reducing the output. Conversely, if the clearance is too small, the wear of the mold roller will be accelerated and the amount of material that is caught will be reduced, thereby reducing the output.


It can be seen that the main two conditions for setting the gap of the mold roll in the pellet mill pellet mill are to be able to withstand the pressure generated during the granulation process and the appropriate roll surface to provide maximum traction to ensure the normal operation of the machine and Increase production.


The laminated film also determines the yield and quality of alfalfa pellet feed pellets. Usually, considering the yield and quality of the alfalfa pellet pellets, it is necessary to select the lamination film according to the formula of the feed, the product requirements, and the objects to be fed. The smaller the die aperture is, the greater the hardness is, but the lower the output is. On the contrary, the bigger the die diameter is, the softer the particles are, but the yield is higher. If the die is thicker, the harder the pellet, the lower the yield; on the contrary, the thinner the die is, the softer the pellet is and the higher the output. At present, the most widely used cylindrical hole pressure film.


In addition to these key parameters to be properly set, the maintenance of Alfalfa pellet mill itself is also very important. For example, after each use, it needs to be flushed, and the supporting power must be used according to the instructions; after each 1000 kg pellet feed is processed The mold plate needs to be used on the opposite side in order to prolong its service life.


At the same time, it is necessary to regularly inspect the wearing parts such as ring molds, pressure rollers, cutting blades, paddles, and transmission belts of sward feed pellet mills, and timely adjust or replace them to ensure that the pelletizers work normally and effectively. In addition, bearings must be cleaned every few working days, and high-temperature grease must be filled as required by the instructions.


The main axis of the grass feed pellet machine is cleaned once every other month, the gear box should be cleaned and maintained at intervals of six months, and the screw fastening of the transmission part should be replaced at any time. In addition, the distance between the cutter and the ring die must be strictly checked to ensure that it is not less than 3 mm.