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Adjustment and installation of feed length for poultry feed granulator
- Aug 30, 2018 -

In the process of using the poultry feed granulator, it is necessary to take out 3-10 kg of the mixed powdered feed, then mix it with 10% edible oil, and then open the oil block by hand and add the feed first. After starting the machine, use a wrench to adjust the pressure roller bolts until the normal discharge. The oily feed is repeatedly squeezed 3-5 times in the machine, and then gradually added dry material.

After adding the dry material to the poultry feed granulator, if the mechanical suffocation is heard, the pressure roller bolt should be slightly loosened and discharged normally. If the oiled material is not pressed out, or the dry material is placed, the pellet machine does not discharge, and the steel nail is used to expose the feed in the mold plate (the steel nail is flattened), and then re-run.

Poultry feed granulator adjusts the length of the feed.

The length of the pellets is adjusted by adjusting the cutter provided on the side of the discharge port.

Storage of feed pellets for poultry feed granulators.

The processed pellets have a relatively high temperature and should be placed in a ventilated place and stored in a bag when cooled to room temperature.

Installation and use of poultry feed granulator

1. Place the granulator on a smooth and soft ground to eliminate vibration and reduce noise. Use the pause lock to fix the machine in a stable position. In addition, we have the suspension lock for the machine. On the wheels. It is convenient for users to move and use stably.

2. Use the pause lock to fix the machine in a stable position. In addition, we have this pause lock on the four wheels of the machine. It is convenient for the user to move and securely use. The motor can also be suspended with the pause ring.