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A brief introduction to the full automatic feed line
- Mar 02, 2018 -

As we all know, the development of the domestic feed industry is very astonishing. As for the feed production enterprises, the quality of the feed products will determine the development of the future. First of all, the pellet feed made from the automatic feed production line will not have the issue of component classification and are not easy to dust.


Therefore, in the current market environment, for the feed production enterprises, how to guarantee the quality of products has become the most important thing. As a result, more and more manufacturers tend to choose feed particles made from the full automatic feed line. This is because a complete set of fully automated production lines can greatly improve the quality of the products with high efficiency.


In a set of mature and stable full automatic feed production line, automatic control system is usually configured. So that the whole production process can be fully tracked as real-time monitored. All the record can be stored and played back. And in the process of operation, the parameters can be adjusted automatically to ensure the feed precision.


For users, full automatic feed line can be easily used and reduce operational errors with fewer workers. Moreover, due to real-time monitoring, it can obviously reduce operation pressure of central control operator and ensure product quality.


The automatic feed production line also has very strong and perfect production performance and protection function, for example, the prescription system can set the volume of the formulation, the fine adjustment, the batching speed, the raw material cutting sequence, the corresponding warehouse number and so on. By adjusting parameters of the automatic feed line, the precision of the proportioning can be improved and the quality of the product can be guaranteed.