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  • Poultry Feed Screw Conveyor

    Poultry Feed Screw Conveyor

    Screw conveyor introduction Screw conveyor widely used in grain, feed industry horizontal transportation Adopt U shape inlet, spiral diameter or spiral distance ascending. SpecificationRead More

  • Poultry Feed Chain Conveyor

    Poultry Feed Chain Conveyor

    Chain conveyor introduction Multi-point loading and multi-point unloading Anti-blocking, anti-chain scission, alarm and other protection can be equipped. Suitable for granary, ports, food processing, feed processing industries granular, powder material transport. SpecificationRead More

  • Poultry Feed Belt Conveyor

    Poultry Feed Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyor introduction Equipped with an automatic lifting device, easy operation Widely used in loading and unloading frequently change site, for the bulk transport or package transport Different lengths are available.Read More

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